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Eyelash Extensions are individual lashes attached to each of your own individual lashes using a medical grade adhesive. 

The natural lash sheds itself after 60 to 90 days and at this point the eyelash extension will fall off with it.  Most ladies who get eyelash extension return every 2 to 4 weeks for a fill-in. 

A fill-in involves removing any lose lashes and replacing with a new extension and filling in any areas that need to be filled in.

Eyelash extensions are great for everyday wear for those who want EXTRA glam. They are also applied for one-time use for weddings or special occasions.

If you are wanting eyelash extensions for your wedding/special occasion or you are usually sensitive to products or have had allergies to products in the past, I recommend you schedule a Lash Extension Allergy/Sensitivity Test.

Lash Extension Allergy/Sensitivity Test- I will apply 3-5 lashes to the outer corner of each eye to test for any sensitivity over a 24 hour period. If no swelling or reactions occur, we can schedule your appointment. If swelling or reactions do occur, immediately take an antihistamine and call/text me right away at 615-483-9362 for immediate removal. 

Eyelash Extensions- FAQ: FAQ
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