What is the Peel Treatment?

This is the perfect way to refresh and revive your skin with no worries of downtime (though you may experience some slouging/peeling)! A quick service that be done during a lunch break. The peel, and what products I use will be totally customized based off of your skin care needs and goals. A package is always highly recommended as it will be way more effective than one treatment. Ideal for any skin type!

Is this safe for all skin types?

Yes! All skin types and ethnicities. The type of peel I choose to use is customized per client.

Who is this service NOT good for (CONTRAINDICATIONS)?

Currently sunburned (must wait until sunburn has cleared completely), Accutane used within the last year, open cuts/wounds or active skin infections/conditions, radiation treatments within the last year, on antibiotics and skin thinning prescription topicals. If in doubt, contact me and we'll discuss it. 

What if I'm pregnant?

I have some lighter peels that can be used if you're expecting♥️ 

How long is this service?

30 minutes or less from check in to check out

How will this benefit my skin?

Depends on what issue we're treating and what peel I choose, but typically a reduction in acne/clogged pores, brighter and smoother skin, increased product absorption, reduction in fine lines, reduction in pigmentation issues.

Can I add this treatment in between facials or clean ups for enhanced results?

Absolutely!! We can chat about the best way to incorporate this during your visit.

What are the treatments details?

The steps in this treatment are cleanse, High Frequency (to kill bacteria and help prevent breakouts), customized peel solutions applied, removal of peels (if applicable, some peels stay on skin), solution applied to rebalance the PH of your skin,  serums and sunscreen and/or tinted moisturizer (your preference) applied to complete. 

What do I have to do BEFORE my service?

Check the Contraindicated list, and stop all use of retinol products about a week prior. If you have really sensitive skin or are prone to allergies, I suggest you come in for a patch test prior to scheduling this appointment.

What do I have to do AFTER my service?

Simple, use sunscreen and any other products I have recommended to you.

How much is the Peel Treatment?

$60 per treatment, or save a few bucks and purchase the package (highly recommended) of 3 for $160

If I decide to do the package, how long in between treatments?

This will vary based on the individual client and the condition being treated, but typically every 2 to 3 weeks. For some, every 4 weeks.

Will the peel hurt?

Everybody has a different tolerance level. That said, it's usually pretty comfortable. Expect to feel a mild to moderate sting and/or itchy feeling.

What can I expect immediately after the treatment?

Some redness, and possible skin sensitivity.

What can I expect a few days later?

Some clients a few days post treatment may experience light peeling or sloughing. Everyone's skin and the products I will use on them are different. 

Will I break out?

Every client is different. Most of the time, no breakout is expected. However, some clients who are currently battling acne may experience a mild purge.