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 What you need to refresh & revive your skin



Got some time during your lunchbreak? This is the perfect way to refresh and revive your skin! The peel, and what products I use will be totally customized based off of your skin care needs and goals. A package is always highly recommended as it will be way more effective than one treatment. Ideal for any skin type! The steps in this treatment are cleanse, High Frequency (to kill bacteria and help prevent breakouts), customized peel solutions applied, removal of peels (if applicable, some peels stay on skin), solution applied to rebalance the PH of your skin,  serums and sunscreen and moisturizer applied to complete. 


Currently sunburned (sunburn must be completely cleared prior to appt), Accutane used within the last year, open cuts/wounds or active skin infections/conditions, radiation treatments within the last year, on antibiotics and skin thinning prescription topicals. If in doubt, contact me and we'll discuss it. 

NOTE: Some peels actually "peel" without physical sheet like peeling. We will discuss what you can expect during your treatment once I see your skin and choose the appropriate treatment. You will not have any "downtime" from this service. So in other words, you may experience some light peeling and temporary redness, but nothing that can't be easily covered with make up.


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