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Facial Clean-Up

What is a clean-up exactly?

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Many of us have never even heard of a facial clean-up. A facial, yes, but not a clean-up. So I will explain what a facial clean-up is and the benefits it provides for your skin.

Facial clean ups remove dead skin cells, dirt particles, surface debris, sweat, harmful bacteria, and pollution from your skin. Deep cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing provide a refreshed, healthy glow to your face, as well as, keeps blemishes, blackheads and minor imperfections under control. . And don't we all want radiant, glowing, blemish free skin?

Facial Clean-ups can be especially beneficial to us during this selfie generation we are living in, where our faces are constantly being put online and on social media in front of everyone on the internet. With regular clean-ups you will see a smoother texture, a reduction in clogged pores,less inflammation, and improved skin healing. Your skin will always be selfie ready!

If your skin is exposed to excessive sunlight, pollution or dirt on a regular basis, then a facial clean-up every 2 weeks would be highly beneficial for you. I know when I worked at the Nissan Plant my skin was exposed to all kinds of air pollutants, dirt, and debris so I needed a clean-up often.

Clean-ups are very similar to facials except only quicker, cheaper, and without the massage. Where facials are meant to be relaxing and are usually perceived as a luxury, the clean ups are meant to be corrective and affordable.

Those who break out after having a facial are experiencing purging of the skin,can try a

face clean up in lieu of a facial for better results. Purging can also be minimized and/or avoided by pre treating your skin 2-3 weeks prior to your facial service. I will do a future post about this topic.

I offer 3 types of Clean-ups:

  1. Basic Clean-up

  2. Resurface Clean-up

  3. Detox Clean-up

*see my list of services and FAQ's for specific information on each service.


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